Our strategic focus

Avantor® focuses on the things that matter most to our customers, providing exceptional convenience, collaboration and customization to ensure the success of our customers all over the world.

The new Avantor combines a unique array of capabilities and resources to deliver on this commitment:

Quality & Choice

We provide global access to our own portfolio of trusted, quality brands, as well as products from thousands of other manufacturers, so customers can get what they need, when they need it.


Our people actively collaborate with customers all over the world, sharing the product, technical and regulatory knowledge that is critical to our customers’ success.


Our global e-commerce platform delivers a seamless purchasing experience supported by a strong distribution network and responsive local associates.


We have the flexibility to adapt to each customer’s specific needs, providing innovative, customizable manufacturing solutions and a full range of support services.

Strategic business segments


Creating today’s innovative biologic drugs is a complex process, requiring materials that meet strict standards for quality and purity, while fully complying with regulatory requirements across the globe.

Avantor is trusted to provide the high-quality products and materials biopharmaceutical researchers and businesses need to quickly scale up from the lab and pilot plant to full production. As a supplier for the largest biopharmaceutical companies in the world, Avantor has a proven track record of providing solutions that help customers overcome their unique challenges, so they can capitalize on opportunities for scientific breakthroughs in medicine.

Customers who work with Avantor gain a strategic partner with an extensive offering of customizable manufacturing solutions, high-quality cGMP materials and specialized services. Backed by extensive regulatory background and technical process expertise, we play a vital role in helping to increase drug yield, lot-to-lot consistency and, most importantly, drive results that benefit the world.


As populations age and incidences of chronic cardiovascular, neurological and orthopedic conditions grow, the demand for effective and advanced biomaterials increases. Avantor’s ultra-high purity silicones are the material of choice across the drug delivery, medical implants, general healthcare and skin care industries.

We work side-by-side with our customers to develop customized silicones that meet their unique requirements, backed by comprehensive regulatory support to help them navigate the increasingly complex regulatory environment in countries around the world.

Advanced Technologies

From the smartphones that have become part of our daily lives, to the technology that powers space exploration, Avantor’s materials are present in the technologies that push the boundaries of innovation.

Whether it's satisfying the nanoscale precision and control required for semiconductor fabrication, or the extreme conditions our materials encounter in aerospace and defense applications, Avantor drives constant innovation in our technology and manufacturing, staying ahead of the curve in order to meet the most demanding performance criteria.


Our heritage serving both research and applied science stretches back almost two centuries—giving Avantor unique insight and unmatched expertise into helping make scientific processes as accurate and productive as possible.

Leveraging that expertise, we offer an innovative suite of services to support scientific teams and improve laboratory and production performance. From simple to sophisticated, we can supply services any way our customers need them—on-site, off-site, or a combination of the two—to improve quality and boosts scientific productivity.